A big thanks for reading our blog and taking time to discover our travel stories. We hope the inspiration will be on your way!

We are Imane & Tarik, a 30+ years old couple originally from Morocco (yes…not common for travel bloggers, we have an exotic eye on an exotic world ;)). We have been traveling for the last 5 years and we are still moving toward new discoveries.

This journey has been our strongest life changing experience

How it all started

It all started with one travel, the one beyond the comfort zone. A new language, new writing, new culture, new cuisine, new sounds, new faces…. a new everything! Once you get suck into this wonderment, you’re totally addict and start planning the next travel in the boarding gate of your return flight J

This trigger travel was in Thailand in 2012 and was the beginning of a long journey through 30 countries. Some call it a big world tour, for us it’s just a sample, the discovery never ends.

Traveling is a soul wonderment

A 5 years journey

We were fond of traveling, still, we were also fond of our careers. We worked hard since the age of 10 to get where we are. So we took the difficult decision to travel the world without taking any long leave and without changing our jobs. We planned our world trip over 5 years with 6 countries every year. It was tough at the beginning as it requires a lot of organization and adaptability: switching between a demanding job and a back-back trip every 2 months is exhausting. Hopefully, we got used to it after the 1st year. It also goes with some sacrifices: no Christmas with Family, no beach rest in summer, no long holidays with family or friends….all our vacations and bank holidays were fully booked.

But it all worth it, every effort was rewarded. This traveling journey had a tremendous impact on our life and a long-lasting impact.

If you’re thinking about it, just go and start it

This blog is for YOU

This blog aims to share our traveling experiences and give you all the useful hints about:

  • How we have organized our world trip
  • The itineraries, budgets, and tips for every country we’ve visited
  • The amazing experiences
  • The less amazing experiences…yes there are some
  • All useful tips to get cheap flights, cheap hotels, cheap tours
  • And the bonus…astonishing photos of every place

I hope you’ll enjoy every line of this blog.

Happy reading and happy traveling!!!

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