The closest cultural chock! It’s as far as Western Europe but it will get you literally to a wonderful oriental world full of colors, spices, sounds, smells, traditions, and welcoming hosts. You’ll have tons of exciting things to do in Morocco. It’ my home country, though, I only started traveling in it at the age of 25 (this often happens for travelers, we want to explore the outside world first).

Still, my country has a lot to offer and its an intense and rich experience to travel through it with a huge diversity for such a small country. Going from green mountains on the northern Atlas to the yellow dunes in the southern desert through the imperial cities of Fez and Marrakech, you will live completely different experiences in term of landscapes, food, and traditions.

And the big bonus with Morocco is its size: 700km from the north to the south of the main traveling area. This means that you can plan very rich Morocco itineraries for one or two-weeks travel only.

Check out some top things to do in Morocco

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