The country of wild spaces by nature. Argentina is as huge as diverse and you’ll discover incredibly astonishing landscapes in every region of the second largest country in South America. It’s like entering a gigantic raw nature park, you’ll finds gobs of tremendous wild things to do in Argentina.

North to South, East to West, it’s really like traveling in different countries in view of the cultural and ecosystem changes. You can switch from tropical Jungle to permanent snowfields Glaciers within the same day. We’ve lived the most awe-inspiring wilderness moments ever and we strongly recommend Argentina to all raw nature lovers.

Check out the top things to do in Argentina

As the country is huge (5h flight to travel from north to south), you need to plan the best itinerary to enjoy all the must-see locations. And get ready to take planes, buses, cars, bikes, boats, and horses!

Best itinerary 1: top things to do in Argentina in 20 days

  1. Bueno Aires: 3 days
  2. Foz de Iguazu: 4 days
  3. Salta region: 6 days
  4. El Calafate Patagonia glaciers: 4 days
  5. Valdes Peninsula: 3 days

Best itinerary 2: top things to do in Argentina in 15 days

  1. Bueno Aires: 2 days
  2. Foz de Iguazu: 3 days
  3. Salta region: 5 days
  4. El Calafate Patagonia glaciers: 3 days
  5. Valdes Peninsula: 2 days


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