The USA, the land of gigantism! Everything is big in this country from the country itself to its cars, its roads, its bridges, its buildings, its trees, its canyons and even its burgers! Your eyes change their scale as they contemplate all this and enjoy the great things to do in USA.

Many urban, cultural, and natural wonders will astound you in Uncle Sam’s country, but here are the 3 things that struck me the most in the USA:

» The huge contrast between the East Coast (dense and urban with some “historical” areas) and the West Coast (empty, wild, and brand new (I mean a century old max))

» The link your brain keep doing between any scene or landscape and the movies where it was featured. Then you realize that you have been completely brainwashed by Hollywood!

» The cultural melting pot especially in big cities like New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles

Check out all the top things to do in USA

New York

There are too many things to do in the USA and you can spend years exploring every state. The traveling cost is quite high, at the same level as costly European cities (something like 3 to 4 times the cost of South East Asia travels for the same duration). So you need to take the best of every day. This is why you need to plan your itinerary very well and a road trip is the best way to explore the West Coast especially the golden square made by California, Nevada, Utah, and Arizona. I had the most scenic road trips of my life there, it’s a must do if you love driving in wide-open spaces.

San Francisco


Here is the list of the best places to visit to get your American strike with the best 2 weeks itineraries.

USA itinerary for nature lovers: Top things to do in USA in 16 days

  1. New York: 3 days
  2. San Francisco: 2 days
  3. Sequoia park: 0.5 days
  4. Yosemite Park: 2 days
  5. Death Valley: 0.5 days
  6. Las Vegas: 1 days
  7. Monument Valley: 0.5 days
  8. Bruce Canyon: 1 days
  9. Lake Powell and Antelope Canyon: 2 days
  10. Arches National Park: 0.5 days
  11. Zion Park: 1 days
  12. Grand Canyon: 1 days
  13. Los Angeles: 1 days

Yosemite Park

Utah and Arizona Canyons

USA itinerary for cities lovers: Top things to do in USA in 16 days

  1. New York: 3 days
  2. San Francisco: 3 days
  3. Yosemite Park: 2 days
  4. Death Valley: 0.5 days
  5. Las Vegas: 3 days
  6. Zion Park: 1 days
  7. Grand Canyon: 0.5 days
  8. Los Angeles: 3 days

Los Angeles

Las Vegas



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