Top 5 things to do in California

The most known state of all USA, Hollywood is there,  the Silicon Valley is there and the hippy vibe started there. This means tons of great things to do in California, from nature with the best USA national parks to iconic cities like San Francisco or Los Angeles. If there is one state to visit in the USA it ‘s California on a road trip with Red hot Chily Peppers Californication as a soundtrack…A wonderful experience!

1- Yosemite National Park

The most iconic national park of the USA. It’s a unique place for nature and outdoor sports lovers especially climbing. An awe-inspiring mix of beauty and power that will blow your eyes and mind. There are tons of great hikes and site seeing to do in the park and you can easily spend a week exploring it. For me, the top thing to do is the dome hike until the summit where you’ll use a metallic cable to lift yourself on the dome wall. A great athletic and scenic experience.

2- Sequoia National Park

A unique and astounding forest boasting some of the world’s largest trees. Just walk and get lost between those giants and enjoy the viewpoints on our path. You can also visit some beautiful and naturally colorful caves like the Crystal Cave.

3- Death Valley

A worldwide known desertic valley with a very inspiring name that you fully understand when you reach the valley. You feel like on the moon or March,  the rocks, the colors, the shapes, and the temperature all seem to come from another planet. It’s a truly raw and astonishing experience to drive in this scenery. I loved it. If you can stand the heat, do some stops and hop off your car near the most known spots of Death Valley: The Artist Palette, Furnace Creek, Dante’s viewpoint and Badwater Basin.

4- San Francisco

Origin of the Hippie vibe, home of the iconic Golden Gate bridge, and capital of the silicon valley, it’s a very special place in the USA. San Francisco offers tons of special things to do, but first, you’ll discover its hills that so many cars flew on, and you will enjoy them while walking in the city, it’s a permanent up and down, a real urban hike that your legs will remember.  The urban design is quite unique and very charming, and you are completely surrounded by the Pacific ocean with great viewpoints all around the city. There are too many top things to do in San Francisco, I’m not a fan of the long to 50+ lists, so I’ve grouped the places by location in this top 5 things to do in San Francisco.

5- Los Angeles

The sprawling largest city of California.  An image full of fantasy for the home of Hollywood. We’ve seen so many movies shot in its streets that we trill to all the exciting things to do in Los Angeles.  The city is huge (2nd biggest US city after New York), and you need to avoid the traffic jam if you are by car (avoid peak hours around 8 am and 6 pm). Hollywood Walk of Fame, Rodeo Drive, Venice Beach or Santa Monica, these locations have a very different atmosphere which makes Los Angeles a must visit city in California.

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