Top 5 things to do in New York

NYC, the most popular city in the world. Everything there reminds me movies from taxis to hot dog stands, and with all the iconic things to do in New York, you’ll really feel in a movie.  What struck me the most is the concentration of massive buildings and skyscrapers in Manhattan. You feel like in those futurist movies hyper techno-cities, a very special effect. And it’s enjoyable, I’m not fun of big bustling cities, but I can admit I loved New York. It has its unique urban style, iconic lifestyle, special locations and as a bonus the sea surrounding Manhattan and Long Island. You’ll enjoy tons of exciting things to do in New York, and plan for long walks if you wanna get the most of your New York experience (we walked 20 km in Manhattan on our first day, I guess it was the discovery excitement :)).

1- Manhattan buildings

Empire state building

The most famous building in New York, even King Kong chose it to defy the world. Built in 1931 with a height of 381 m and 102 floors, it’s an astonishing architectural realization. The must is to get to the top deck on the 102nd floor, you can then enjoy an amazing view on all Manhattan. It’s very special at sunset with lights changing on all Manhattan. A truly beautiful urban experience.

Rockefeller Center

The 2nd famous building of New York. Built in with a height of 260m and 66 floors. The must is to access the “Top of The Rock”, the observation deck at the top of the skyscraper. You’ll get an amazing view of Manhattan and Central Park.

Other famous buildings

Flatiron building, Trump tower, Chrysler building, One World Trade Center

2- Central Park

The oxygen of New York! A great escape from the bustling streets of Manhattan and a wonderfully designed urban park. It’s quite huge with 9.7 km of drives full of joggers, cyclist, skateboarders, and tourists. Worth a long walk to feel like a real New-Yorker.

3- Times Square

THE commercial place of New York. Huge billboards and advertisements posters everywhere, it’s a live capitalism show. Worth a short visit as the place is quite crowded, especially by night when the posters effect is at its maximum. It’s also very close to Broadway and you can get adverts for the ongoing shows and buy tickets directly at Times Square.

4- Brooklyn Bridge and Park

The most famous bridge of New York. It’s one of the 8 bridges linking Manhattan to Brooklyn on Long Island. A beautiful architectural masterpiece completed in1883. With 1.8 km lengths, it’s perfect for a long walk while admiring the East River, Manhattan, and Brooklyn. Once you reach Brooklyn, turn right to get the Heights are and Brooklyn Bridge Park with its various piers. From the riverside, you’ll get the best of the best view on Manhattan, especially for the sunset, see below.

5- Statue of Liberty

Doesn’t need an intro, the symbol of all America. The best option to see the statue closely is a ferry cruise from Manhattan or Brooklyn to Liberty Island (yes the statue is on its own Island, it deserves it). Another option if you don’t want to take a ferry is the battery area on lower Manhattan where you can see the statue but the view is quite far.

Other great things to do in New York: just having a walk and enjoying every avenue

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